2013-14 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
214:30PMMen's SocceratCornell College
2212:00PMVolleyballvsMayville State University
 Mustang Invitational
224:00PMWomen's SocceratHoly Cross College
225:00PMVolleyballvsWaldorf College
 Mustang Invitational
239:30AMVolleyballvsPacific Union College
 Mustang Invitational
231:00PMWomen's SocceratRoosevelt University
232:15PMVolleyballvsPeru State College
 Mustang Invitational
233:30PMMen's SocceratDordt College
2410:45AMVolleyballvsGraceland University
 Mustang Invitational
285:15PMMen's SoccervsUniversity of Saint Francis
3010:00AMWomen's GolfMount Mercy Fall Invitational
304:00PMVolleyballatJudson University
 St. Xavier-Trinity Christian Tournament
306:00PMVolleyballatSiena Heights University
 St. Xavier-Trinity Christian Tournament
306:30PMMen's Cross Country20th Annual Mustang Gallop
306:30PMWomen's Cross Country20th Annual Mustang Gallop
31 Women's GolfMount Mercy Fall Invitational
3110:00AMVolleyballatTrinity Christian College
 St. Xavier-Trinity Christian Tournament
3112:00PMVolleyballatRoosevelt University
 St. Xavier-Trinity Christian Tournament
311:00PMWomen's SocceratCardinal Stritch University
313:00PMMen's SocceratCardinal Stritch University
21:00PMWomen's SocceratBriar Cliff University
23:00PMMen's SocceratBriar Cliff University
310:00AMMen's GolfLoras Invitational
612:00PMWomen's GolfKnox (Ill.) Invitational
67:00PMVolleyballvsAshford University
7 Women's GolfMonmouth (Ill.) Invitational
712:00PMMen's GolfCropper Golf Classic
72:00PMWomen's SoccervsCentral Methodist University
74:00PMMen's SoccervsCentral Methodist University
8 Men's GolfCropper Golf Classic
103:00PMWomen's SoccervsNorthwestern College
105:00PMMen's SoccervsNorthwestern College
107:30PMVolleyballvsFaith Baptist Bible College
132:00PMMen's SocceratUpper Iowa University
14 Women's GolfIllinois Wesleyan Invitational
1410:00AMVolleyballatHuntington University
1410:15AMWomen's Cross CountryFive Seasons Dual
1411:00AMMen's Cross CountryFive Seasons Dual
1412:00PMVolleyballatRoosevelt University
145:30PMVolleyballatJudson University
15 Women's GolfIllinois Wesleyan Invitational
1612:00PMMen's GolfViking Classic
17 Men's GolfViking Classic
172:30PMMen's SoccervsWaldorf College
174:30PMWomen's SoccervsWaldorf College
177:30PMVolleyballatCulver-Stockton College
205:00PMMen's Cross CountryViking Invitational
205:00PMWomen's Cross CountryViking Invitational
2112:00PMWomen's SoccervsCollege of Saint Mary
23 Women's GolfNAIA Fall Preview
24 Women's GolfNAIA Fall Preview
248:00AMMen's GolfMustang "36" Challenge
244:30PMMen's SoccervsUpper Iowa University
254:00PMWomen's SocceratHannibal-LaGrange University
257:30PMVolleyballvsGrand View University
274:00PMVolleyballatHannibal-LaGrange University
 Clarke Tournament
276:00PMVolleyballatUniversity of Jamestown
 Clarke Tournament
2811:00AMWomen's GolfGrinnell Invitational
2812:00PMVolleyballatCalumet College of St. Joseph
 Clarke Tournament
281:00PMWomen's SoccervsWilliam Penn University
282:00PMVolleyballatValley City State University
 Clarke Tournament
283:00PMMen's SoccervsWilliam Penn University
30 Men's GolfAshford Invitational
1 Men's GolfAshford Invitational
17:30PMVolleyballatClarke University
21:00PMWomen's SocceratCulver-Stockton College
23:00PMMen's SocceratCulver-Stockton College
5 Men's Cross CountryRim Rock Farm Collegiate Classic
5 Men's BowlingMidwest Collegiate Bowling Championships
5 Women's BowlingMidwest Collegiate Bowling Championships
510:00AMWomen's Cross CountryRim Rock Farm Collegiate Classic
6 Men's BowlingMidwest Collegiate Bowling Championships
6 Women's BowlingMidwest Collegiate Bowling Championships
610:00AMMen's GolfRonnie Eastman Invitational
612:00PMWomen's GolfDonald Ross Collegiate Invitational
7 Men's GolfRonnie Eastman Invitational
7 Women's GolfDonald Ross Collegiate Invitational
81:00PMWomen's SocceratViterbo University
83:00PMMen's SocceratViterbo University
97:30PMVolleyballvsAIB College of Business
118:00PMVolleyballatAIB College of Business
 Clarke Tournament
12 Women's GolfUMSL Oak Terrace Invitational
1210:00AMVolleyballatClarke University
 Clarke Tournament
1211:00AMMen's Cross CountryLamb-Kohawk Invitational
1211:00AMWomen's Cross CountryLamb-Kohawk Invitational
1212:00PMVolleyballatMissouri Valley College
 Clarke Tournament
121:00PMWomen's SoccervsAIB College of Business
 Think Pink Day
123:00PMMen's SoccervsAIB College of Business
139:00AMWomen's GolfUMSL Oak Terrace Invitational
14 Men's GolfNAIA Midwest Fall Classic
15 Men's GolfNAIA Midwest Fall Classic
157:30PMVolleyballvsCulver-Stockton College
 Think Pink Night
165:00PMWomen's SoccervsSaint Ambrose University
 Senior Night
167:00PMMen's SoccervsSaint Ambrose University
 Senior Night
19 Men's BowlingKegel/ISBPA Collegiate Classic
19 Women's BowlingKegel/ISBPA Collegiate Classic
194:30PMWomen's SocceratGrand View University
197:45PMMen's SocceratGrand View University
20 Men's BowlingKegel/ISBPA Collegiate Classic
20 Women's BowlingKegel/ISBPA Collegiate Classic
226:00PMVolleyballatAshford University
227:00PMMen's SocceratAshford University
237:30PMVolleyballatSaint Ambrose University
26 Men's BowlingBoilermaker Classic
26 Women's BowlingBoilermaker Classic
2611:00AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Great Lakes Invitational
2611:00AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Great Lakes Invitational
261:00PMWomen's SocceratClarke University
261:30PMVolleyballatCollege of the Ozarks
263:00PMMen's SocceratClarke University
264:30PMVolleyballatWaldorf College
27 Men's BowlingBoilermaker Classic
27 Women's BowlingBoilermaker Classic
2812:00PMWomen's SoccervsOklahoma Wesleyan University
282:00PMMen's SoccervsOklahoma Wesleyan University
297:00PMWomen's BasketballatCulver-Stockton College
297:30PMVolleyballvsViterbo University
16:00PMWomen's BasketballatConcordia University
 Grand View Classic
17:00PMMen's BasketballvsGraceland University
17:00PMVolleyballatFaith Baptist Bible College
21:00PMWomen's SocceratViterbo University
 MCC Quarterfinal (No. 7 at No. 2)
24:00PMWomen's BasketballatAvila University
 Grand View Classic
27:00PMMen's BasketballatCulver-Stockton College
31:00PMMen's SoccervsWilliam Penn University
 MCC Quarterfinal (Penn wins shootout, 4-3)
57:00PMMen's BasketballatWaldorf College
67:30PMVolleyballatWilliam Penn University
86:00PMWomen's BasketballvsMarian College
 Mount Mercy Classic
88:00PMMen's BasketballvsMissouri Valley College
 ActionCOACH Shootout
9 Men's BowlingLeatherneck Classic
9 Women's BowlingLeatherneck Classic
911:00AMMen's Cross CountryMCC Championships
911:00AMWomen's Cross CountryMCC Championships
94:00PMWomen's BasketballvsPurdue University Calumet
 Mount Mercy Classic
96:00PMMen's BasketballvsMidland University
 ActionCOACH Shootout
97:00PMVolleyballatSaint Ambrose University
 MCC Quarterfinals (No. 5 at No. 4)
10 Men's BowlingLeatherneck Classic
10 Women's BowlingLeatherneck Classic
127:30PMMen's BasketballatGraceland University
135:30PMWomen's BasketballatAshford University
156:00PMMen's BasketballatWisconsin-Stout
 Buzz Levick Tip-Off Tournament
164:00PMMen's BasketballatWartburg College
 Buzz Levick Tip-Off Tournament
197:00PMMen's BasketballvsCulver-Stockton College
207:00PMWomen's BasketballatIowa Wesleyan College
2310:30AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Cross Country National Championships
2310:30AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Cross Country National Championships
232:00PMWomen's BasketballvsCardinal Stritch University
234:00PMMen's BasketballvsJudson University
256:00PMWomen's BasketballvsCulver-Stockton College
29 Men's BowlingNational Collegiate Team Match Games
29 Women's BowlingNational Collegiate Team Match Games
297:30PMMen's BasketballatMidland University
 Draemel Classic
30 Men's BowlingNational Collegiate Team Match Games
30 Women's BowlingNational Collegiate Team Match Games
302:00PMMen's BasketballatEvangel University
 Draemel Classic
16:30PMWomen's BasketballatUniversity of Wisconsin-Platteville
45:00PMWomen's BasketballvsCollege of Saint Mary
7 Men's Indoor Track & FieldSt. Ambrose Half Marathon
7 Men's Indoor Track & FieldFrigid Bee Invitational
7 Women's Indoor Track & FieldFrigid Bee Invitational
71:00PMMen's BasketballatCoe College
71:00PMWomen's BasketballatWaldorf College
135:30PMMen's BasketballatHannibal-LaGrange University
 St. Ambrose Shootout
141:00PMMen's BasketballatYork College
 St. Ambrose Shootout
142:00PMWomen's BasketballvsSimpson College
211:00PMWomen's BasketballatNorthwood University
282:00PMWomen's BasketballatIowa Wesleyan College
 Coaches vs. Cancer Classic
286:00PMMen's BasketballvsIllinois Institute of Technology
 Coaches vs. Cancer Classic
293:00PMMen's BasketballvsWestminster College
 Coaches vs. Cancer Classic
293:00PMWomen's BasketballatCoe College
 Coaches vs. Cancer Classic
42:00PMWomen's BasketballatLuther College
44:00PMMen's BasketballatLuther College
85:30PMWomen's BasketballatSaint Ambrose University
87:30PMMen's BasketballatSaint Ambrose University
10 Men's Indoor Track & FieldWartburg Invitational
10 Women's Indoor Track & FieldWartburg Invitational
11 Men's BowlingRoto Grip Eagles Baker Challenge
11 Women's BowlingRoto Grip Eagles Baker Challenge
111:00PMWomen's BasketballvsAIB College of Business
113:00PMMen's BasketballvsAIB College of Business
12 Men's BowlingRoto Grip Eagles Baker Challenge
12 Women's BowlingRoto Grip Eagles Baker Challenge
155:30PMWomen's BasketballvsClarke University
157:30PMMen's BasketballvsClarke University
18 Men's Indoor Track & FieldUW-Platteville Open
18 Women's Indoor Track & FieldUW-Platteville Open
18 Men's BowlingISBPA/Kegel Midwest Collegiate
18 Women's BowlingISBPA/Kegel Midwest Collegiate
19 Men's BowlingISBPA/Kegel Midwest Collegiate
19 Women's BowlingISBPA/Kegel Midwest Collegiate
225:30PMWomen's BasketballvsGrand View University
227:30PMMen's BasketballvsGrand View University
251:00PMWomen's BasketballatWilliam Penn University
253:00PMMen's BasketballatWilliam Penn University
295:30PMWomen's BasketballatViterbo University
297:30PMMen's BasketballatViterbo University
1 Men's Indoor Track & FieldHilltop Open
1 Women's Indoor Track & FieldHilltop Open
1 Men's BowlingMcKendree (Ill.) Baker Challenge
1 Women's BowlingMcKendree (Ill.) Baker Challenge
13:00PMWomen's BasketballatAIB College of Business
15:00PMMen's BasketballatAIB College of Business
2 Men's BowlingMcKendree (Ill.) Baker Challenge
2 Women's BowlingMcKendree (Ill.) Baker Challenge
55:30PMWomen's BasketballvsSaint Ambrose University
 Think Pink Night
57:30PMMen's BasketballvsSaint Ambrose University
8 Men's BowlingFirst Annual Crusader Bowling Challenge
8 Women's BowlingFirst Annual Crusader Bowling Challenge
9 Men's BowlingFirst Annual Crusader Bowling Challenge
9 Women's BowlingFirst Annual Crusader Bowling Challenge
125:30PMWomen's BasketballatClarke University
127:30PMMen's BasketballatClarke University
138:00AMSoftballatCardinal Stritch University
13Game 2SoftballatCardinal Stritch University
14 Men's Indoor Track & FieldMCC Indoor Track & Field Championships
14 Women's Indoor Track & FieldMCC Indoor Track & Field Championships
15 Men's BowlingBackhaul Direct Hoosier Classic
15 Women's BowlingBackhaul Direct Hoosier Classic
151:00PMWomen's BasketballvsWilliam Penn University
15Game 2BaseballatMidland University
151:00PMBaseballatMidland University
153:00PMMen's BasketballvsWilliam Penn University
16 Men's BowlingBackhaul Direct Hoosier Classic
16 Women's BowlingBackhaul Direct Hoosier Classic
16Game 2BaseballatHastings College
161:00PMBaseballatHastings College
195:30PMWomen's BasketballatGrand View University
197:30PMMen's BasketballatGrand View University
21 Men's Indoor Track & FieldUNI-Dome Open
21 Women's Indoor Track & FieldUNI-Dome Open
214:00PMSoftballatCentral Baptist College
 CBC February Meltdown
216:00PMSoftballatHannibal-LaGrange University
 CBC February Meltdown
22 Men's Indoor Track & FieldWartburg Invitational
22 Women's Indoor Track & FieldWartburg Invitational
2211:00AMSoftballatLouisiana State University-Alexandria
 CBC February Meltdown
2212:00PMBaseballatCollege of the Ozarks
22Game 2BaseballatCollege of the Ozarks
221:00PMWomen's BasketballvsViterbo University
 Senior Day
221:00PMSoftballatLindenwood University-Belleville
 CBC February Meltdown
223:00PMMen's BasketballvsViterbo University
 Senior Day
232:00PMBaseballatCollege of the Ozarks
23Game 2BaseballatCollege of the Ozarks
267:00PMMen's BasketballatClarke University
 MCC Quarterfinals (No. 6 at No. 3)
277:00PMWomen's BasketballvsViterbo University
 MCC Quarterfinals (No. 6 at No. 3)
287:00PMMen's BasketballatWilliam Penn University
 MCC Semifinals (No. 6 at No. 2)
1 BaseballatBenedictine College
110:00AMMen's BowlingMCC Bowling Championships
110:00AMWomen's BowlingMCC Bowling Championships
12:00PMWomen's BasketballvsWilliam Penn University
 MCC Semifinals (No. 7 at No. 3)
2 BaseballatBenedictine College
210:00AMMen's BowlingMCC Bowling Championships
210:00AMWomen's BowlingMCC Bowling Championships
37:00PMWomen's BasketballatSaint Ambrose University
 MCC Finals (No. 3 at No. 1)
6 Men's Indoor Track & FieldNAIA Indoor Track & Field Championships
6 Women's Indoor Track & FieldNAIA Indoor Track & Field Championships
7 Men's Indoor Track & FieldNAIA Indoor Track & Field Championships
7 Women's Indoor Track & FieldNAIA Indoor Track & Field Championships
712:00PMSoftballatBethany College
 Friends (Kan.) Tournament
72:00PMSoftballatOttawa University
 Friends (Kan.) Tournament
76:00PMSoftballatFriends University
 Friends (Kan.) Tournament
8 Men's Indoor Track & FieldNAIA Indoor Track & Field Championships
8 Women's Indoor Track & FieldNAIA Indoor Track & Field Championships
810:00AMSoftballatHastings College
 Friends (Kan.) Tournament
812:00PMSoftballatSterling College
 Friends (Kan.) Tournament
81:00PMBaseballatGraceland University
8Game 2BaseballatGraceland University
912:00PMBaseballatGraceland University
92:30PMBaseballatAvila University
14 Men's BowlingUSBC Individual Sectional Qualifier
14 Women's BowlingUSBC Individual Sectional Qualifier
142:00PMBaseballatDoane College
14Game 2BaseballatDoane College
158:30AMMen's BowlingUSBC Team Sectional Qualifier
158:30AMWomen's BowlingUSBC Team Sectional Qualifier
1512:00PMBaseballatDoane College
151:00PMSoftballatWilliam Penn University
15Game 2SoftballatWilliam Penn University
167:45AMMen's BowlingUSBC Team Sectional Qualifier
167:45AMWomen's BowlingUSBC Team Sectional Qualifier
193:00PMBaseballatUniversity of Iowa
22 Men's GolfSpring Break Trip (March 22-28)
22 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldRhodes Invitational
22 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldRhodes Invitational
228:00AMSoftballatUniversity of Northwestern Ohio
 NTC Spring Games
22Game 2SoftballatUniversity of Northwestern Ohio
221:00PMBaseballvsDakota Wesleyan University
22Game 2BaseballvsDakota Wesleyan University
231:00PMBaseballvsDakota Wesleyan University
23Game 2BaseballvsDakota Wesleyan University
234:00PMSoftballatConcordia University
 NTC Spring Games
23Game 2SoftballatConcordia University
248:00AMSoftballatConcordia University
 NTC Spring Games
2410:15AMSoftballatIndiana Institute of Technology
 NTC Spring Games
251:00PMSoftballatWebber International
25Game 2SoftballatWebber International
26Game 2BaseballatBenedictine University
2612:00PMBaseballatBenedictine University
272:00PMSoftballatSoutheastern University
27Game 2SoftballatSoutheastern University
28 Men's BowlingNAIA Invitational Team Championship
28 Women's BowlingNAIA Invitational Team Championship
2812:30PMWomen's GolfOld South Challenge
29 Men's BowlingNAIA Invitational Team ChampionshipLive Video
29 Women's BowlingNAIA Invitational Team ChampionshipLive Video
291:00PMBaseballatGrand View University
29Game 2BaseballatGrand View University
3012:00PMMen's GolfEagle Golf Classic
301:00PMSoftballatGrand View University
30Game 2SoftballatGrand View University
30Game 2BaseballatGrand View University
302:00PMBaseballatGrand View University
319:00AMMen's GolfEagle Golf Classic
1Game 2SoftballvsSaint Ambrose University
15:00PMSoftballvsSaint Ambrose University
24:00PMBaseballvsClarke University
2Game 2BaseballvsClarke University
5 Men's GolfBlue Top Ridge Invitational
5 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldAshford Spring Classic
5 Women's GolfMyoneputt.com Invitational
5 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldAshford Spring Classic
51:00PMBaseballvsAIB College of Business
5Game 2BaseballvsAIB College of Business
6 Men's GolfBlue Top Ridge Invitational
6 Women's GolfMyoneputt.com Invitational
61:00PMBaseballvsAIB College of Business
6Game 2BaseballvsAIB College of Business
6Game 2SoftballvsWilliam Penn University
61:00PMSoftballvsWilliam Penn University
85:00PMSoftballvsClarke University
8Game 2SoftballvsClarke University
93:00PMSoftballatSaint Ambrose University
9Game 2SoftballatSaint Ambrose University
11 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldLee Calhoun Invitational
11 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldLee Calhoun Invitational
1111:00AMMen's GolfWartburg Invitational
11Game 2BaseballvsSaint Ambrose University
115:30PMBaseballvsSaint Ambrose University
12 Men's GolfWartburg Invitational
12 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldLee Calhoun Invitational
12 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldLee Calhoun Invitational
12Game 2BaseballvsSaint Ambrose University
1212:00PMBaseballvsSaint Ambrose University
1212:00PMWomen's GolfMount Mercy Spring Invitational
12Game 2SoftballatAIB College of Business
121:00PMSoftballatAIB College of Business
139:00AMWomen's GolfMount Mercy Spring Invitational
1611:00AMMen's GolfClarke Spring Invitational
164:00PMBaseballatClarke University
16Game 2BaseballatClarke University
173:00PMSoftballatViterbo University
17Game 2SoftballatViterbo University
185:00PMSoftballvsAshford UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
18Game 2SoftballvsAshford UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
1912:00PMBaseballatAshford University
215:00PMBaseballvsWilliam Penn UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
21Game 2BaseballvsWilliam Penn UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
221:00PMMen's GolfMount Mercy Spring Invitational
225:00PMBaseballatWilliam Penn University
22Game 2BaseballatWilliam Penn University
225:00PMSoftballvsAIB College of BusinessLive VideoLive Stats
22Game 2SoftballvsAIB College of BusinessLive VideoLive Stats
25 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldDrake Relays
25 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldKip Janvrin Open
25 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldDrake Relays
25 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldKip Janvrin Open
25Game 2SoftballvsGrand View UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
254:00PMSoftballvsGrand View UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
26 BaseballatViterbo University
26Game 2BaseballatViterbo University
26 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldDrake Relays
26 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldDrake Relays
261:00PMSoftballatClarke University
26Game 2SoftballatClarke University
27 BaseballatViterbo University
27Game 2SoftballvsViterbo UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
271:00PMSoftballvsViterbo UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
28 Men's GolfMCC Championship
28 Women's GolfMCC Championship
29 Men's GolfMCC Championship
29 Women's GolfMCC Championship
1 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldMCC Outdoor Track & Field Championships
1 SoftballatTBA
 MCC Tournament
1 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldMCC Outdoor Track & Field Championships
2 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldMCC Outdoor Track & Field Championships
2 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldMCC Outdoor Track & Field Championships
3 BaseballatTBA
 MCC Tournament (May 3-6)
3 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldMCC Outdoor Track & Field Championships
3 SoftballatTBA
 MCC Final Four
3 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldMCC Outdoor Track & Field Championships
4 SoftballatTBA
 MCC Final Four
8 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldLast Chance Meet
8 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldLast Chance Meet
9 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldLast Chance Meet
9 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldLast Chance Meet
12 BaseballatTBA
 NAIA National Tournament Opening Round (May 12-15)
12 SoftballatTBA
 NAIA National Tournament Opening Round (May 12-14)
20 Women's GolfNAIA National Championship (May 20-23)
22 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldNAIA Outdoor Track & Field Championships
22 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldNAIA Outdoor Track & Field Championships
23 BaseballatTBA
 NAIA World Series (May 23-30)
23 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldNAIA Outdoor Track & Field Championships
23 SoftballatTBA
 NAIA National Tournament
23 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldNAIA Outdoor Track & Field Championships
24 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldNAIA Outdoor Track & Field Championships
24 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldNAIA Outdoor Track & Field Championships